CORIOLANUS: From Man to Dragon

Written by William Shakespeare

Adapted by Omri Kadim

Director Yuriy Pavlish

Fight director Mitch McCoy

Music director Aiden Farrell

Scenic design Collin Medford

Costume design Fan Zhang

Lighting design Timothy Meola

November 2016

The Italy Time Theater


Felix Birdie, Patricia Black, Olivia Boren, Teresa Catherine, Chris Dooly, Carter Gaylord, Thomas Hedlund, Omri Kadim, Brynn Knickle, Frankie Li, Ryan Marcone, Logan MacCoy, Daniel Napolitano, Oliver Palmer, Cristina Ramos, Rivera Reese, Dylan J. Sampson, Carlotta Summers

*Produced in collaboration with Shakespeare in the Square



The production utilized 60 pounds of weaponry – 19 sets of spears, shields, swords, and daggers – as well as thumping war-drums and what added up to 40 minutes of choreographed combat sequences juxtaposed with Shakespeare’s language. What resulted was a two-and-a-half hour spectacle that struck a chord with audiences and critics alike. Combative theatre Co.’s inaugural production saw thirteen performances sell at over 3/4 capacity.

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