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June 20, 2016

"He was a thing of blood, whose every motion was timed with dying cries"


Join us for the pulse-pounding tale of Rome’s deadliest warrior in a way never before seen: ten professional actor-combatants engaged in a series of highly choreographed, physically demanding clashes, with a live percussion score! This is CORIOLANUS: From Man to Dragon.

Combative Theatre Co – along with co-producers Shakespeare in the Square – has assembled a cast of fearless performers, five men and five women, with a comprehensive knowledge of stage violence and a thirst to realize its potential as an artistic discipline. For the past six months, our team has trained, choreographed, and studied the text – we are now ready to explode onto the New York theatre scene with one of the most exciting Shakespeare adaptations in recent memory!

At Combative Theatre Co. we believe there’s something primal and menacing about Coriolanus that only blood and iron can unearth. With your help, we will lay the foundation for a new style of theater that marries the art of stage combat with dramatic storytelling.


There is a recent trend of Shakespeare adaptations that confuse a high-concept setting or a non-traditional performance space with innovative storytelling. It is our mission to raise the bar, and we need your support.


We are raising two-thirds of our budget through corporate sponsorships — and are coming to our audience and fans for the remaining $11,000. Every donation will go towards:


  • Theatre rental

  • Costume, lighting, sound, and set design

  • Paying hardworking actors and musicians

  • Marketing and press

That’s it! The weapons—our greatest asset—have been donated to the production by generous fight choreographers/practitioners, and we’re brewing our own theatrical blood. We are a lean theatre company and pride ourselves on the ability to create powerful work with limited resources.


If you see fit to join us, there are tons of fantastic rewards up for grabs, from shout-outs to signed scripts and posters, to freakin' SWORDS and even a complimentary stay at a top NYC Hotel. Come be a part of a distinct new theatrical movement in NYC! Otherwise, please do spread the word by posting the link to our campaign on your social media, and help us make this unique, bold and gut-wrenching production possible. To war!


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